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Expletives happen

1. I am 15 and I am so in love with my best freind. We are both Christians and like to do the same things, he even asked me to prom, yet he still doesn't like me it's heartbreaking.

2. I feel so lucky with my life yet I am unhappy with everything I have, I feel like good things never happen to me.

3. Everyone thinks I'm so selfless, and them thinking that makes me feel guilty because I'm selfish just like everyone else.

4. People tell me I am good looking and a really nice person, but I've never been asked out by a guy, let alone had a boyfreind. I feel like just another one of the guys for this reason.

5. I know this sounds stupid, and not exactly a secret, but I absolutely refuse to cuss, I think it is stupid, and unnessicary, and cussing really bugs me for some reason.

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