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God probably didn't believe you anyway

5: I almost sold adderall and became a dealer, but I had everything stolen from me. I got beaten and my drunk mom had to take me to the hospital.

4: I'm a gay man in a commited relationship of almost 8 months, but I still want more. I love this guy and can't hurt him though.

3: my boyfriend doesn't like it when I smoke, weed, tobacco, or legal buds but I guess it's ok for him to go do meth and cocaine. Right?

2: I promised god I would never steal again after an incident at the mall. But I do still, a lot.

1: I stole from my dad, my step mom, my sister and boyfriends mom. And sold all of it. None of the money went back to them. And my step mom just had a miscarriage, and her mom died. My sister just had a baby. And my boyfriend's mom has been homeless off and on for about a year.

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