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Happier Than Thou

I don't want to commit suicide .....for reals I enjoy life

I've never really been much of a slut I married a girl from my collage and I've never cheated

My best friends girlfriend is amazingly attractive but I wouldn't ever do anything with her

I make 150K  a year but I also work 80 hrs a week at a real job

I don't really have any secrets....wait I collect vintage starwars toys

Bonus* 5 secrets doesn't always have to be negative people, maybe more interesting than mine sure but let's hear some happy too

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  1. You got my vote for "Best Of". Since when do secrets equate to slime. I complimented the performance of a coworker (who has negatively affected the course of my career no less) to my boss without telling her. Now that is a secret that accrues the right kind of Karma! I am certain yours will reward you with and long and joyful life with your loving wife.


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