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Happy Birthday to Me

*I love the thought of randomly hooking up with women I don't know, eating their pussy, making them come over and over, and never even knowing their real name. Have done this a few times (usually at/after a concert,) and absolutely fucking LOVE it!

*I've made every woman I've been with come multiple times. Shakespeare wrote, Picasso painted... I give women multiple orgasms.

*I'm a multiple man, myself. No matter how many times I get off, all it takes is a few moments and I'm hard as granite again.

*I love helping women explore their sexual ideas. My first girlfriend helped me realize that every woman's body communicates what they need from a lover, as long as you're paying attention to what works for her, and most men are just out to bust a nut.

*I despise most guys for not making sure their women are satisfied, but it does make it easier for me to convince their women they deserve better. I've personally helped end more than one relationship by proving to the woman that her inabilty to orgasm was actually HIS inability to please her.

*BONUS* I would love to meet the woman who owns this site... Something tells me she would really rock my world, and I'd love the chance to find out. ;)

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