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Irrational fears in an irrational world

1) I have irrational fears about being touched, clowns, spiders, monkeys, and large bodies of water.
2) I’m a cat person. I really don’t like our family dog—I wish we had never adopted him.
3) I have no actual friends. I have acquaintances, but that’s it. I’m pretty lonely, but not totally alone. I have a husband and a son.
4) I’ve lived in my current town for 11 years and I still don’t know anyone. I have no one to go to in an emergency situation—that terrifies me.
5) I need to see a doctor, but I have no medical insurance. I fractured my foot a few weeks ago and I’ve had to suffer with it. I haven’t had a pap smear since my son was born almost 6 years ago. I have symptoms of premature menopause (and I’m only 36—that’s not normal). To actually know all the things that are wrong with me is a scary thought, but being in the dark with no medical care at all is even scarier.

*OP: Sorry this is a little late

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