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Isn't capitalism grand?

1. I'm butch, I haven't done anything with a girl in a year now. I'm not ugly but just average. I want to kiss my good friend so bad, her lips look so soft, she hangs out with me a lot, she's actually the only girl I hang out with n I'm her only too. She's still stuck on her ex though so I just let it be.
2. I'm really good at reading people, like idk.. I feel their feeling. Everytime I look at a person I in my head want to feel like them. (Idk if we all do this.)
3. I don't have a job and it sucks. I have no money what so ever to support myself and I hate it. Having no money stops you from doin what you want in life. I hate that I always think I'm not going to make it in life. I really want to be in a law enforecement job but I feel like I'm a little stupid.
4. I wish I had a connection with the afterlife. Like seeing ghosts and stuff, even though it's kind of scary. ( Imagine waking up and seeing a ghost.! (Que asusto!---translation-What a scare!)
5. I like hanging out with my friends, I have two I hang out with many times, (including #1)
I feel like they make my life. I wake up thinking about them and what the day is going to bring. If not I don't see nothing, just me being miserable in a house I don't like being in.

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