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Juggalo: A fan of the band Insane Clown Posse

1. I'm a girl nd I swear I'm as horny as a guy like all the time.
ill b bored sittin in class nd all I can do is run through fantasies
In my head of the guys I wanna fuck. Me nd my best friends r always
talkin about guys nd sex. I really think I'm a sex addict
But I made a rule for myself a couple weeks ago tht I wouldn't
do anything wit a guy down there anymore nd same goes 4 me
us i wanna b a better
person than tht, so only
making out but thatz ok cus making out is amazing lol.

2.ironically tho I really don't do porn, any type of toys,
Or anal cus all tht stuff is weird lol like wtf I like everything
All natural.

3.ok well this ain't a secret but I'm just gonna throw this
in too I'm a juggalo till I die, WICKED CLOWNZZ BITCH.

4. I smoke weed nd I'm in the army lmao

5. Even tho the first part coulda made me seem shallow
I'm a really deep person, I long to find someone tht I can
really connect wit that would b great, I like to b in a good
long term healthy relationship. I've never cheated on any
of my boyfriends, nd I swear I can b the best gf in the world
I just have a really strong sex drive. My favorite is doggy style

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