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Might want to get that checked out

* I feel like i have gotten so fat that i wont ever be able to lose weight.

* my pussy is so damn itchy for the last 6 months and i peel the skin that falls off and eat it because it tastes good and i dont know why...

* I like to masturbate to weird strange porn or it doesnt get me off
like old women and black men, midgets, black fat girls ...

* my friend had so many damn abortions that it makes me sick when i think about it
and what gets to me is she doesnt seem to care & if she does care she hides it very well.
She makes me so mad that she does stupid things and is too dumb to see what she is doing.
I think if she got pregnant again she would have ANOTHER abortion, fucking gross.

* I have sex dreams alot, and i wake up and masturbate.

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