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Mistakes happen, and good friends are hard to find...

1.) I was given medication for my anxiety and depression. I'm suppose to go back and visit the doctor for a follow up before I can renew my prescription but now that I'm completely out, I have full blown panic attacks about going to see the doctor. I haven't gone back. That was in October, last year. It's crippling everything I do.

2.) I use to have constant night terrors when I was a child. I'd wake up screaming and crying because it felt my life would be over in a blink and no one would notice. It was a horrible experience and no one knows how serious they were. I think if they had noticed and took me to talk to someone, I wouldn't have the problems I do now.

3.) I randomly wonder if my pets are reincarnates of people from mine or my families' past lifes because of the way they behave around us.

4.) I stopped talking to my father when I first started High School. He wasn't the world's greatest father but that wasn't the reason I cut off ties with him. I did because something just told me he was no longer needed in my life. And I still believe that's true. All these years, I haven't needed his help once.

5.) One night, me and one of my closest friends did something incredibly stupid and haven't spoke since. It was a dumb mistake and miss them everyday for it. I don't think we'll ever speak again.

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