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Oklahoma's going to be pissed

1.) I absolutely hate being single. I tell all my friends it doesn't bother me, but in reality, it REALLY does.

2.) I am bisexual and so is my [female] best friend. We choose not to do anything, though, because we are so close and don't want to mess anything up. Gosh, I love her to death.

3.) I have another best friend [female, straight, name:Holly]. She moved from here to Oklahoma. Faggot state, if you ask me. I love her to death, but she has a new best friend and I feel as though we are falling apart. Before she left, she was always fucking with my [male, name:Gregory] best friend's heart. Since we left, we've gotten A LOT closer, Gregory and I. Sometimes we hold hands and stuff. I'm afraid that's going to change when Holly comes to visit next month.

4.) I want a girlfriend and a boyfriend. And I want us to have a 3-some. How great, that would be. I want to have sex. Hard core fucking, yes sir.

5.) My mom and I have probably the worst relationship I've ever witnessed. I never see her, and I'm not complaining because of that. She's a big time bitch. But I don't get to see my half sister, Skyler. She's only ten. I hate that I can't see her!!

* BONUS * If I get pregnant, I'm giving my baby to my Aunt Danielle, who is pretty sure she can't have children. I would love to do this for her. * BONUS *

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