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Outercourse -- new one on me!

(1.)when I was a child my cousin made me suck her tits (I'm a girl)
(2.)when I was younger my cousin would wait until everyone was asleep and get into my bed while I was asleep and have outercourse  with me and I would always feel something wet on my legs and ass but  I didn't know that he actually was cummIng on me and he done it so much and when I got a little older my pussy started to get very wet and when he would do it then I started to like it I was just at the start of puberty and my pussy would get so fuckIng wet and it felt so good but we never had  sex he would just slide his Dick in and out. Of the outside of my pussy between the lips until he came.
(3.)whenever I masturbate I like to watch girl on girl porn and pretend I'm getting my pussy licked I wanna get my pussy licked and sucked real good by another girl and I wanna lick a girls pussy that can squirt Omg I would love that I'm getting wet just thinking about it
(4.)I absolutely hated having sex with my ex I never could get off
(5.)my ex would always lick my pussy and fuck me in my sleep I would always pretend to be asleep
(Bonus)when I worked two jobs I had to go to sleep early sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night I 'would catch my ex stroking his Dick and it would get me so wet and I would watch him stroke his Dick and I would masturbate while watching him stroke his Dick my orgasm would be so intense because I would be so turned on I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO WATCH PPL MASTURBATE!! GOSH THAT GETS MY PUSSY AS WET AS AN OCEAN

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