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Premature gray? Yay!

I like the feeling of starving myself, but can't do it as much as I want because I get hypoglycemic symptoms and HAVE to eat something to stop the shakey sweaty feeling. If I don't eat something in time I end up fainting.

I think younger people with gray hair are incredibly hot. I can't wait till all my hair is gray.

I've been with my bf for about a year but haven't fallen in love yet. I like him too much to break up with him, but I'm scared of wasting both our time of finding someone to love.

I've tried anal sex and hated it. Not cause it hurt, but because I couldn't stop thinking how gross it was cause that's where shit comes out of. ... yet I want to be double penetrated by 2 guys at once.

I want to help the world/my community/my friends but feel helpless to do anything worthwhile cause I'm not educated enough, influential, am usually too broke. I think I'm just too lazy, and selfish.

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