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When I was little, around 8 or 9, two guys tried to do stuff with me I don't know if I should call it rape or what but I was scared and it  recently happened again with another guy.

A couple years ago, I carved the word "hate" on my right upper thight. I did it there so no one can see. It's fading away now.

I took ecstasy once at a party then drove home. On my way home I seen like 3 cop cars on the side of the road by a red light. I have no idea what I was paying attention to I ran the red light and the cops didn't stop me.

Me and my dad don't get along very well. Sometimes I wished my parents were divorced so that I won't have to hear him yell at me all the time. I'm so tired of it.

I been liking girls for over a year now and I really want my parents to know but I don't know how to tell them and I'm to scared to do it because they're so religious. My mom can't stand seeing two girls together imagine if she knew her daughter was lesbian.

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