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Short changed

I have been with "pancho" for 8 years. Although I do love him , my needs/wants have changed. I want to be free of the responsibility of our relationship. I want to have a few 1 night stands with complete strangers.

I want to try S&M. I get hot &bothered when I think about sex,pain, even be @ some 1's mercy sounds rather exciting!

I want to join a couple in a 3some,and I have actually looked into it and found 2 prospects .....the things you find on Craigslist .....CRAZY!!

I'm secretly planning trip to Vegas. A cougar that I know gave me all the info on a male whore house that they have...she says you always leave satisfied!  She says they are stallions...I say I can't wait to try one out myself!!

Last,my boyfriend took some nude fotos of himself ...well he pissed me off 1 to many times so I posted them on a web site that has men comparing penis sizes.....pretty sad that even I feel short changed now!


  1. Well I think that maybe you guys are out touch with each other, and perhaps you should consider talking to your boyfriend maybe surprised that be may have desire of his own and that may be a better choice then dumping him and kicking him to the curb............

  2. you only got 1 life to live. i say go on with your bad self girl! sounds like maybe the fizzle has died out for you . :( 2 choices, gonget you some on the side,or leave that baggage behind , never look back, never regret. keep searching craigs list perhaps you will come across my ad. happy hunting!


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