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1.I take norvasac for my hbp but its making my feet swell, so now my friens think im sick when actually the norvasac is helping.I feel fat with fat feet an the octor has me on a diet. I use to feel pretty now i just feel fat and 5*2 am 191 lbs

2. Im secretly in love with my ex supervisor... she likes me too..but she made a vow to God to never sleep with women again i feel like such a selfish slut for wanting her to break that promise..

3.My mom died whn i was 25..everybody thinks it was a heart attack...but the family knows it was her crack addiction...she was 59..

4.I masterbate to porn of rapes...I have to visualize forced sex in order to cum

5.i wish i cld have kids..all my friends do...they have abortions all the time,and tell me if i dnt have kids ill end up in a nursing home hurts my of my bffs told me if a tree cant bear fruit chop it down...i replay that everytime my cycle cmes on.....

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