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Sorta secrets?

1) this isn't really a secret, more like a comment...okay so I read one of someones secrets talking about hating illlegals because they take our jobs BLAH BLAH BLAH...
Get over yoursel, they only take the jobs white people are too lazy to do, if anything WHITE people should be considered illigal, the spanish and the natives ran this shit way back before columbus came here and thought he could take over. He didn't discover shit. So please, save your racist statements buddy.

2) I stuck my finger in my boyfriend's butt the other day! Haha, he wasn't quite happy.

3) when I was 15 I almost had an abortion, I figured hey what the hell if I do it I can still go out and party! Thank god I didn't because now I have a beautiful daughter :)

4) I have moluscum, if anyone knows what that is, and I guess its contagious, its sexually transmitted, but its not an STD, and I haven't even slept with a numerous of people! But I'm too scared to tell my boyfriend...but it goes away, so its alright, right?

5) idk what tp put for this last one...something happy? Since all these secrets people post are depresssingggg....well, love life, be happy, make peace, and laugh a lot guys!

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  1. This was posted at the beginning of a set of secrets, but it's really a comment on this post so here it is.

    "Before my first secret I would like to give a shout to the person who posted that the Americans are too lazy to work; invaded the natives - thus the foreigners deserve to steal their jobs at a lower wage. Seriously if the whites did not invade America, do you think she can be the most powerful and influential country now? foreigners should stay in their own country, as leaving it, in my opinion, is being a unloyal citizen of that country."

    Posters, please save your moderator (who is working for free) extra work and post your comments on other posts on the comment page, and not in the submission box.


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