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A special someone

I have tried to kill myself before only to realize that its to much work to. I remember a nurse saying don't do something so permanent for something so temporary. I cry becuz she saved my life... and I know all things are temporary...even life

I'm believe I'm atheist. I actually sing to God and try to feel him but I'm so afraid that we are alone but still keep hoping that there is truth to religion

I think I'm special. Like I'm suppose to do something big here for everyone... something very simple but important

I have the nastiest sex fetishes. lol. like a guy giving me anal and he is getting anal fucked at the same time... I'm a girl.

Lastly, I smell my pussy a lot... I love the smell of it. Seriously. It has this salty subtle but calming smell to it. Even guys have said it..guess it's a gift...

This is extra but I want to say. I read these a lot and I feel like this is an outlet for all of us... so before you hurt yourself put it on here... go the fuck off... even virtually hit a bitch but don't hurt urself. I was put in a psych ward that damn near drove me nuts and here I am... alone, free, doing what I can too! You really can...

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