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Stockholm syndrome wannabe

1. I get really turned on thinking about an older man giving a young girl her first sexual experience. I'm a virgin and I've kind of made it my goal to have an older man take my virginity. I've always dreamed of getting molested by an older guy or being taken advantage of by one. And I think it's totally sexy for an older guy to hit on a girl 20 years his junior...

2. I also think that it's adorable when an older man and a younger boy are in a gay relationship together. Man on man porn makes me horny to the to the point of no return, and I think if they had a porn vid of a teenage boy with an older guy would be so fucking hot.

3. I have always felt that two men being together is more pure than a man and a woman. It seems so right. Something about two men being together seems so sweet and like there's more love in the relationship. I love seeing guys being openly gay with each other in public and it makes me feel happy seeing them as a blissful couple.

4. No one else knows that I suffer from a minor case of trichotillamania because I only pull out my pubic hair.

5. I have always wanted an attractive man to kidnap me. Then I could develop Stockholm's Syndrome and want to stay and become something like a sex slave for him. I would do anything he wanted me to do and I would only be his.

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