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This would have taken forever to proofread...

I present, unedited...(and heretofore, forever...)

1. Wen iIwas a toddler 3 different older cousins of myns use to do lots of sexual things to me. None of knew eachother were doin itt too.. iIgt ate out ,fingered ,kissed , nd iIeven rode the head of one of their d*ks..  Thiiss was goin on btween ages 4-7 .. iIdnt think any of them knoes that iIremember wat they did to me.. Bcus they act lykk nothen had ever happened..
2. (Im a 14 yr old female)  iIlovee to finger myself  but no one knoes..
3. iIreallii wnna fuk sooo badd but my so ''boyfriend'' says im the shy one wen itts really hym.. iIlovee hym (he doesn't knoe) nd iIwnna c wat sukn d*k iss lyk but his  d*k iss the only d*k i'll suk
. Only if we weren't such a shy couple we woulda been dne soo much :(..
4. iIwnna try havn a threesome w/ 2 guys..
5. Im a real undercover freak.. iIactually think  once iIlose my virginity to the guy iIlovee then im gnna bcum a Whore.. iIwnna try every sexual thing there iss except anal!!  

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