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Uncontrolled anger is a choice

1. I wonder constantly if I'm a good enough mother to my son. I try really hard but I get tired of playing kinda quick. He's still a baby, but I worry so muc that he won't love me.
2. I'm very afraid of my husband's temper. I mean we both can yell and slam doors, but he'll start throwing things and the look he gets is the same my dad had when he beat the hell out of me. I know it's my fault because I make him mad, but I can't be perfect...
3. I don't think my mother likes me very much. She didn't raise me, so I think she kind of feels distanced like I'm not the daughter she wanted.
4. I'm obsessed with things that smell good. I constantly have to wear body spray/spray febreeze/ etc.
5. I can never think of a fifth secret. But right after I submit it, I'll always think of one.

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