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Virtual Worlds Collide

This is a combination of secrets and a reassuring message to the person who wrote the secrets titled Virtual World.

1 I had an online relationship when I was 16 with a girl who lived in Florida. It's not because I am not attractive or an introvert, I'm far from that, I just didn't have my drivers liscence and my mom was up in arms about dating (ultra conservative christian).

2 We talked for hours online and on the phone and I quickly developed feelings for her, she was sweet, caring beautifull. Allthough we were a couple hundread miles apart I felt extremley close to her.

3 She kept something from me though, she told me before she met me she had sex and got pregnant. There was no way I could have known. She told me she loved me, and I told her she should be with the father even though he sounded like an asshole.

4. She didn't stay with him, she also gave birth to a baby boy and named him after me. I have only met one other person in the world with my first name. So now there are three of us on Earth as far as I know.

5 one day she stopped talking to me. I had no idea what happened, things were going so well. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and months to years and still no word. During the first couple of months I cried myself to sleep because I has neverfelt a pain like that before, there was a hole in my heart that was once filled. 3 years later I got an email from her. We talked on the phone and I asked why she stopped talking to me...she said because her friends didn't approve. I would have her rather say I met someone who was closer. I felt like it all meant nothing at first. I told her I forgive her. I moved on but I never forgot the good times even though I have had many other relationships after her. That's the point everything was real and mattered in the moment and you have to remember the good times and let that person go. There is someone out there for all of us and they are just waiting for us to find them. You will never stop caring or loving them but it will change to varying degrees of love. Just my two cents.

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