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Gotta watch those total slutty bitches

1. I once had a gay experience, that person being my best friend; not only was it awkward but I kind of liked it. the most twisted part is that we're still best friends and act like we never did anything. (i'm a boy)

2. I think I was an accident from my parents.

3. I think I hate my family when I actually, love them deeply.

4. I did weed when I was 12 (I'm currently 14)I loved it but I stopped with fear of my parents finding out; but when I go to college I will definitely go crazy on it.

5. I got my first girlfriend ever this year(I'm still with her). I love her more and more everyday, but with the friends she has, I'm scared she would cheat with the influence of her best friend who's a total slutty bitch.

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