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Aunt Crabbypants

1) I am not sure where my life is heading.  I wish I could see into the future so I know if I am making the right decisions.

2) I told my son today that he should enjoy being 5.  He was so excited about the things he would do when he is grown.  Truth is I really wish I were a kid again.  I love my son with all my heart but being a grown single mother with no help is stressful.

3) I am so proud of my brother.  I don't really feel envy for anything he has but I sure wish I had a good job like he does.  To make good money would be wonderful.  I don't think I ever tell him enough how proud I am of him.

4) I forgot it was Father's Day in 4 days.  Wow, now I am broke, have a party to direct the day before and now have to come up with something for Father's Day.  See, just one stress after another.

5) I am upset with my aunt. She is also my landlord.  She is a bitch sometimes.  I can't believe she told me I can't have a dog and she has 100 of them.  She is a dog breeder.  So therefore I have to listen to all 100 of her dogs bark all night, yet if I had one small dog she would never even know it was there.  My son was so in love with that dog.  We had her for about a week and this bitch came over and told me I can't have a dog with my son sitting right there.  I wanted to jack her face. My son took it better than I did actually.  He asks me every day now when we are going to get the dog back.  I just say when we live somewhere that we can have a dog.  

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