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Can I help if I think you're funny when you're mad

1. I finally got out of an abusive three year long relationship that I wanted to end two and a half years ago but I couldn't because I got pregnant and hoped for him to change. I have always hated him, everytime he would ask for sex or to hang out I would dread it but I knew if I didn't he would make me regret saying no. I wanted to puke just kissing him or touching him, I never liked his personality I just dealt with it.
2. Sounds crazy but I think I have finally met the love of my life, he loves my kid, he is not a fake or abusive. He kissed me and I swear I smiled for two hours straight after. I want him to kiss me more though.
3. I love my daughter but I was sixteen when I got pregnant, I am now eighteen and I feel like I missed out on being a teenager and I have to many responsibilies, I never wanted to be a mom.
4. I want to move out of my grandparents house just so I can grow up and have my own space and not have to air out the house everytime I smoke, that ruins the high.
5. I want to have sex with this kid, but he barely kisses me. He seems really nervous or something, but I just wanna yell at him to kiss me. We never argue and when we do its funny apparently.

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