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1. My first secret is tht I love 5 secrets..its really interesting to
see wat people post about themselves wen its anonymous, seeing into peoples true minds and feelings..very interesting thanx k

2. I'm happy for cougar lol, I'm glad she's having a good sex life [= go girl!

3. Something I feel kinda weird about is that I can't help checking out someone almost no matter who they r, not like really old or unattractive people..(no offense)
But like almost all guys and girls (I'm straight). But its kinda awkward cus even wen
 Its someone like my best friends bf or a hot teacher I can't stop my eyes from shifting around their body for shit!

4. I really hate racists...there's no reason to b racist..I mean come on people that's
like caveman stuff haha like wtf. Once I realize sumones racist..especially like really racist like the redneck type that think there awsome cus there white nd redneck or sum shit, wat if u were born black mofo?? anyways wenever I realize sumones really racist my brain just puts them in the idiot category, its just idiotic...

5. I really hope my drug charge doesn't keep me from getting into the army...I'm supposed to leave in worries me alot ../=

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