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Diminutive Dom

1.  I've gotten over 5 guys into fingering their own ass they love it, but my boyfriend adores it. I can't wait to play with his cute butt :)

2. I really want to become a dominatrix but doubt I can ever be mean like that. Sure, I like spanking my boys, squeezing their balls sitting on their face and made them call me sweet names lol but whipping them, stepping on their sacks and doing all that crap is insane.

3. K, your titles for these secrets are epic! :D Major kudos to you for cracking me up everytime :P

4. Usually when I'm bored, I get on my webcam and strip for hotties. :)

5. I rarely sleep. I'm an insomniac. I hate it. Prolly explains my petitness. 4'11".

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