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Empathy Shmempathy

1~ I'm in love with my best friend and would do just about anything to be with him... problem is, he wants kids and with someone who doesn't have any. I have 2 and my tubes are tied:(
2~ I can't seem to find a female for my bff and I to have a three some with.. (I'm a female) its so much harder then I thought!!
3~ I hate my sisters!! I hate them for so many reasons but the main one is for hurting my mom so bad!!
4~ I hate that my mom is not stronger when it comes to her kids! I hate my dad for never getting blamed for not being there... I'll never understand exactly why deadbeat parents get off so freely! Pisses me off to no end!!
5~ I have no sympathy for drug abusers or alcoholics. It's a choice that someone makes not like cancer or something along those lines. It's a f**king excuse !

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