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The fairer sex

1. I am a man who believes that women are the superior sex. My heart aches to see a world run by women who I believe could do a much better job than men.
2. I find it very frustrating that I live in a society where I feel that I am unable to show women the respect that they rightly deserve without it being misunderstood. I do try my best, being as polite and courtious to women as I possibly can, but it is a shame that it isn't socially acceptable to kneel to women or to bow to them on order to show my respect.
3. There have been a few times when I have confessed my ideas and feelings on female superiority to some of my closest female friends. They didn't really get where I was coming from, believing my ideas were sexually motivated, thinking me to be into the S&M scene. I found it frustrating trying to get them to understand that this is really one of my true beliefs.
4. I only apply for jobs where I know that I'll be working for a female boss. At the moment I am employed in an environment which is dominated by a female workforce, so not only do I have a female boss, but I'm also under female middle managers which suits me fine. I pay them as much respect as possible, but I think that they cannot understand why I always refuse promotions.
5. I know my place. I know that I can never be as good as a woman. I consider myself to be the property of all women and it is my duty to be as obedient and respectful of my female betters as is humanely possible.


  1. ok. r u 4 real? what planet r u from...and who sent u?!!! i am a female..nice to hear that bsome of u men actually think with your head! thanks for the props!

  2. i wanted to cry when i read this post...why can't i find a man like this? i would appreciate you so much for appreciating me. it's two hands that clap people, you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours.

  3. First of all I would like to say thank you both for commenting on my post. There are men, like myself, out there who truly believe in female superiority and who will respect women at all times. It really pains me to see women in relationships with men who are disrespectful and downright ignorant. More men believe that women are better than themselves than would admit, as it isn't the done thing in our society. If you were to search for a man who would give you the respect which you deserve, I'm sure that you could find him. Please believe me, we are out there. Thank you once again.


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