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Five secrets isn't for everyone

1. every since i've stumbled onto this website, i use it to help me get horney before i masturbate. i love reading all of the dirty talk and sexcapades
2. this website has taught me that its okay that i masturbate probably too often and watch porn (even though im a 17 yr. girl whose a virgin).. bc everyone does the same thing
3. i wish i knew all of my best friend's crazy sex stories - but i think she prefers me to be "innocent" and grossed out by the thought of her sexual relations... when really i think of her when i watch interracial porn =)
4. my friend admitted to me that she has had sex with a girl and would do it again- i kind of wish she would make a move on me.... even though i would probably decline bc i wouldn't want it to change our friendship
5. i hate that everything i think about it always revolving around sex. if i'm in a car listening to music or sitting in class - im thinking about it. i try to start up sexual conversations with my friend ( as referred to in 3 & 4) but she doesnt take the bait - which leaves me feeling stupid. i also showed her this website, thinking that she would love it like i do ... she was turned off by it and i dont want her to know that i find it amusing.

*6. im at her house now and about to masturbate in her bathroon when she gets out of the shower =)

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