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Free Time < Life Goals

1.I am 15 and I have sex with older women behind my mothers back and she thinks I've never had a girlfriend.

2.I care about many people but I can't see how people can put others above themselves.You only have one life and you can't help others that much if your not taken care of first you know.

3.I love 69 its great. I love when a girl puts my dick all the way down her throat until she gags and I love eating pussy. It tastes so good and I love watching my girls reaction when she about to cum hahahaha.

4.I get messed with at school because I'm mulato (half white half black) and embrace my black heritage more with music and clothes and stuff but I never date black girls. its just something that turns me on about long blonde hair or silky dark brown hair. But the teasing doesn't really bother me its funny to me but its getting old.

5.I am very very competative. To the point where I am never satisfied if I'm not the best at what I'm doing. Its not always a bad thing but it interferes with my free time because I spend that time trying to improve myself usually in athletics. My friends tell me to slow down but I can't until I achive my goals I've been like this so long that I'm starting to seperate from my family and it doesn't feel right but I just can't stop.

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