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Frozen corn = nasty

1. I dont like frozen corn, it always comes out nasty when cooked. I just don't get the idea of it ya know? Just buy regular cannned corn and put it on your food and there you have your meal. :P

2. I happen to eat a lot of corn, canned corn, I mean you can really learn to love it :)

3. I don't really like texting my friend because she cannot text a simple text message correctly, it reallly kills me, I mean how lazy must you be to not use complete sentences? It really gets me, she tries looking illiterate and its annoying, so i usually ignore her text messages. I hope not alone on this one.

4. I usually stuff honey nut cereal, peanut butter, warm microwaved milk and bananas into a blinder and drink it ^-^ its really great!

5. I think I love two guys. But its gotten so damn confusing that, I dont know who I love the most.. is that possible :(

Bonus?: I love staring at a beautiful vagina but also at a beautiful penis, I guess that makes me bi, Idk but I'd really like to be fed a juicy vagina and a penis all in one night to see which I prefer most. :)

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