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Gonna be a rock star

1. I smoke pot evry day for rehabilitation reasons b/c there is nothing else better to do during the day other than work.
2. Theres this girl who's completely obsessed with me its really weird but its been goin on for years all the time when I see her I usually end up getting a blow job off her hahaha . ( my exs best friend )
3. I hate the place I work at ... its a big fuckin joke but w/e its $$$, this chick I'm great friends with let's me play with her body all the time I fucked her close to 10 times already.... she loves it when I play wit vag... haha ( me 2).                  
4. I'm in a band that has a good step but isn't goin anywere any time soon cuz when we practice the guitarist takes off and goes and fucks his bitch in the other room..( my drums shake that's how hard he's fuckin her hahaha I think its completely funny
5.  I keep my mind occupied on little things like money and work and try not to thinl negitive..... I keep gettin played by my ex, we both want each othr back real bad  but I don't c it happening anytime soon .. when she plays me I get pissed but I just smoke a joint to relieve the stress it builds. .. I'm only 17 and live in a small beat town in north eastern PA many good bands come from here and I hope one day to make it big !!!                                                                                                                                

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