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Good guy

I'm a guy in a relationship with a guy and I just kinda wish I were straight. Gay relationships suck cuz guys are always fucking horny. I get insecure sometimes wen I'm with my bf and there's a more masculine taller guy around, I know how he could I not get insecure?

He doesn't know how many times I got fucked. (I'm the top)

Sometimes I get off to him getting fucked by other guys, even tho it hurts so much

Masterbation is like a drug for me sometimes, even in the sad druggie type of way, where I use it as an escape from everything in the world.

I'm legit jealous of everyone in the world who feels free to fuck anyone and everyone they can/want. I can't. I'm stuck, either cuz I'm in love or afraid of moving on. Either way it is what it is and I feel like I'm missing out on the world, but how can I be in on the fun without him doing the same thing? Karma is good guys.

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