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He will be mine

1. I'm a female, I attempt to make lesbian friends online. We sometimes exchange naked pix and talk about what we'll do to each other when we meet, but I really don't think I'm anxious enough to ever meet anyone in person
2. Last year I had my 1st 3sum with one of my bff's and her bf (at that time). They were trying to get me to do that for month. They finally got me drunk enough that night.... (she won't be sexual with me anymore unless there's a male included, ugh)
3. I have a boyfriend of 3 yrs, he used to ask for a 3sum, I thought about it, but I'll never give him one.
4. My boyfriend like me to stick my finger in his ass. Eww... I don't like it in my ass, I don't see how he does. I secretly think he may be bicurious or something. He swears he isn't, idk what to believe.
5. I've fallen in love with another man. I met him while my boyfriend and I were broken up. I have a child with my boyfriend, that's the only reason I'm still with him. He's a great father. I would NOT have another child with him or marry him tho. However, next time he fux up, I'm leaving him for this other guy. I wanna marry him & have his kids. At 25, I have NEVER thought about marrying anyone until I met this guy. He's the man I've been looking for. OMG, I'll do anything to be with him. One day, he WILL be mine!

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