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He's a pro

1. The guy that use to beat me 8 years ago and killed my unborn child is a nfl player... I still love him. Inspite of the fact he was abusive, I still think he was the perfect man. I think about him all the time. He came to see me last year and he made me feel like I was in heaven. He said he never got over me and I was supposed to be his wife. We made love and reconciled but my family and friends don't know we are back together and engaged again. They think I keep flying out of town because I am searching for better job oppurtunities in my field. I love him so much I would rather be with him and leave everyone and everything else behind.

2. I never had sex with another man after we broke up. But I get so lonely sometimes. I used to want to find a random man just to cuddle with. But the guys in my city are all thugs and arrogant... I couldn't deal. So I started to see woman just to fill that void.

3. Women get on my nerves. I hate the fact the one I chose to spend my time with is so sweet and innocent I don't want to hurt her and tell her that I. Still like men and still love the football player. He know me inside and out. So he knows that o don't really want her.. it doesn't bother him.

4. I want kids and a normal family so bad that the nfl player and I are doing fertility injections so we can start a family.

5. His family and mine don't approve of us being together but, the house his dad left to his mom when he died, was passed down to him when his mom remarried and bought a house of their own. To prove his love to me, he signed it oover to me so that we can meet up at anytime I rent that house and a couple more that he bought me out so that I can pay my bills and not have to work. This way I will have my own money in case he decides to return to his old ways.

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