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Hope she's not a faker

1) my wife of over 20 years was cheating with her boss who is au family friend too. She started divorce proceedings.  That's when I hooked up with a 18 year old columbian gal. I was 46 at the time.
2) we were together as fuck buddies, then friends with benefits until last July when I turned 55. She wanted to get more serious but I couldn't.  Also, my family/kids found out about her and were pissed especially since she was younger than my daughter. She is seeing a woman who is in her mid 40s but still calls me now and then.
3) my family and friends thought that we hooked up AFTER my divorce (which lasted almost 4 years)  but it was really right at the start.
4) I am well endowed,  love foreplay and eating at the Y. That's some of the reasons she liked me. I also popped her anal cherry. I alaways make sure my women cum first.
5) my new fuckbuddy that I met in August is 46 (closer to my age) and she came 17 times during our first session which lasted most of the night. Later orgasms were less in quantity but she says they. are more intense. Oh, and it's not bragging if it's true.

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