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1. I don't read secrets that have poor spelling/grammar. It's not that hard to spell out the words AND or YOU people... You come across as a 6 year old typing.

2. I'm one of those assholes that say they hate Twilight, but have secretly been pulled in. I hate the example Bella Empty Shell gives to girls. One doesn't need to center their lives around a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everytime I hear about it, it makes me angry. It wouldn't be so bad if I could go 30 minutes without it being in my face.

3. I still "rock out" in my room when no one is around. Complete with acting like I'm putting on a concert for my thousands of fans. I'm learning to play guitar so I can put this practice to practical use someday.

4. I would like to rip out the jaws of people that chew with their mouths open or constantly snap their gum. Not really... maybe at least replay it their ears amplified to hear what torture it is.

5. I don't understand the cult of iPhone

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