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Killing him slowly

5. I have to remand myself in 4 days to serve 150days in jail and I have not told my 2 oldest children yet.

4. My wife is pregnant and I want more sex but don't know how to tell her that even a hand job would do.

3. I am still afraid of being alone at 29yrs old, my wife and I argue all the time and I end it with " well divorce me then please I'm begging you! " but the truth is I could not live without her in my life.

2. I watch porn everyday on my phone and picture its my wife and I and she has no idea.

1. The 150 days I have to serve is for breaking my brother in laws jaw for spitting on his 76yr old mother because she would not give him money for Meth. Here is the 1 secret he's going to be dead 2 weeks after I go away from my wife and kids to jail, poisoned his meds " killing him slowly "  ;-)~

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