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Light secrets

1.I want to fuck an asian girl soo bad. Specially a korean chick.
2. My co-worker spies on them while they use the restroom. I want to do it soo bad but I just can't.
3.I have a girlfriend and she's pretty hot. She doesn't fuck as much as I want to tho.
4. She hardly ever let's me go down on her or goes down on me. We can only do like 3 positions that won't hurt her wich sucks because I like flipping her and trying new things.
5.I want to leave her just because I need more sex then what she gives me. And those are just my lightest secrets. I have very very veeeery deep dark secrets but idk if this can be traced or not. I'm going to find a pc to write my secrets and then destroy the yes that bad!

[Note from admin: It's up to you, but just so you know, my form does not give me any information about posters other than the time the post comes in, and that is just the way I like it. Five Secrets is and always will be completely anonymous. If you're worried, you might consider posting from a public computer.]

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