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Lofty ambitions

My boyfriend is great, but I feel like I take advantage of the little bit he has. I feel like he won't ever amount to anything because he's a felon.

I'm talking to another guy,but I know he wouldn't care half as much as my current boyfriend. This guy is relativly successful but I know he only sees me as a sex object already. I sent him sexy pictures, we haven't met yet, but ever since I sent him the pics he wants to talk to me more. I think the sex is going to be bad or his dick will be small.

I feel like I'm never going to be successful and left behind while my friends get there own places and great jobs. I hate my job so much and want to quit but that's going to leave me homeless.

I miss living with my mom even tho we fought everyday about money.

I just want to party all the time and do a bunch of drugs. I don't think I look good enough to get free drugs without fucking someone tho. I really just want lots of money to blow on drugs.

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