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Not a cowgirl

1.) My ex bf was a real jerk! I cheated on him and had a 1 night stand and that's when I lost my virginity my ex thinks I lost it wit him but I ddnt. My ex used to make me give him head if I owed him money and if I wldnt he always threatend to do something to my car. He also wanted me to have sex with him even if I was on my period! Ewww!
2.) I've never had a orgasm through sexual intercourse. I always faked my orgasmns wit my ex.  I have no idea wat to do while I'm on top.
3.) My ex wasn't attractive but I dnt think ill find anyone better looking cause I'm fat and I think that's why the guy I've been dating hasn't asked me to be his gf.
4.) I wish I cld move out of the house wit my mom. But I'm not financially able right now. I hate my job with a passion and everybody thinks I like it.
5.) It breaks my heart when I think abt getting married one day and my daddy cnt walk me down the aisle cause he passed away in 2009.

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