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Not fooling anyone

1) I kissed my boyfriends best friend, while we were going out. He thought it happened and broke up with me, we both convinced him it didn't and he doesn't know for sure to this day and we are still broke up.
2) I slept with my ex's other best friend who also use to date a close friend of mine, and i deny being anything but friends with him when anyone asks.
3) I love my ex boy friend more than anything and i can't figure out why. He put me through hell and back since we've been broke up and even while we were together.
4) My father has been dead for 3+ years and i still think everyday when i come home he will be here.
5) I hate everything about my life, and i hate the fact that i hate it so much when i know people are much worst off than i am. and also i hate knowing that i caused all this shit for myself and theres nothing i can do to change it.

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