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1. I hate this life that I'm living. I'm a 17 year old girl who got no passion for anything at all. All my dreams went down the hill. I don't work. I dropped out of school and I don't have friends at all. I feel so lonely.

2. Everyday I wake up to do the same things. I'm tired of living this way, its like every single night I know what I'm gonna do the next day. There's no exciment in my life. I cry almost every night cuz I know I want to change, I know that how I'm living is wrong, but how can I do it ? How ?

3. Sometimes I feel like I was meant to only suffer, and it hurts. Cuz I want to be happy, I want to go to Parties, I want to have fun, but with who ? If I don't have friends. I really don't want to die alone, I want to have a Family and I want to be a good Wife. I want to feel proud about myself not like I'm nothing, but trash.

4. I've learned that no body cares. That people is self-fish. That at the end of the day I only got Me, Myself & I. That people will hurt you really bad, if you only let them. That having a broken heart is like the biggest pain ever & that you only gotta care for yourself and be yourself.

5. I had a Boyfried that really hurted me. I still love him to this date, but I promise myself that I would never ever was gonna let it happen again. That I wasn't gonna let him use me like he did for over a year. That I gotta think about myself and how I'm feeling. I gaved up everything for him and he only betrayed me for no reason. I will never forgive him for that. The only thing I gotta do is try to be happy, even if it is by myself ; I feel so lonely. I don't got no body to talk to, only to the walls in my room. Sad.

PS: Admin, give me some advice please.

Admin Here:
Normally I only give advice to readers privately when they leave an email address along with their post. To other posters, if you would like advice (and bearing in mind that I'm just some chick with a website and am not really qualified in any special way) please leave an email with and I will respond to you if I can. Also, please don't abuse the privilege, I only have so much time and I'm doing everything for this site and app for free. To this poster -- it seems clear that you are suffering from depression. It is hard to do ANYTHING, especially for your own benefit, while depressed. There are a lot of reasons for this, but a big one is that it's hard to do things to improve your life when you don't feel you deserve it. The first step is to understand that you do deserve more from your life and you can make things better. Even tiny things will help, you've got to start somewhere. Go to the library and check out the self-help books section, there will probably be at least one that gives you some hope that it will help you feel better. Breaking the Patterns of Depression is a good place to start and has lots of helpful exercises and case studies that will show you that you are not alone and help you to understand what has been happening to you. If it's an option for you, seeking out a professional counselor can help as well. Even doing things like going outside for a walk, listening to uplifting music (311 changed my life--read the lyrics if you don't like the music), or anything else that you enjoy will help to break up the monotony of depression. You CAN feel better, but you have to want it for yourself and know you deserve it first. No one can give you happiness except yourself. Good luck, honey.

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  1. While it's true that people can (and sometimes will) hurt you, it's clear from your post that you're just as hurt (if not more) by being alone. If you find the right people (and I'm sure they're out there), the joy they bring into your life far outweighs the possibility of their hurting you.

    And you are wrong in thinking no one cares: I may be a stranger, but I care. I remember being 17, I didn't like it either.


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