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Respect your sister's wishes

1.  I love the attention I get from guys, and I definately get a lot of it!  I don't have a huge ego, infact most of the time I don't get what they see!!  But it doesn't change the fact that I love it.  So much so that I have a hard time dating because I don't want to give the attention up!

2.  I had a short lived affair with a married man!!!  Not something I'm proud of but it happened!

3.  As much as I tell everyone I'm happy, I don't know how true that is.  For the most part I am but there is a huge hole.  Even tho I have troubles with the idea of dating, I want so desperately to get married and start a family!

4.  My little sister confessed to me on the day of my grandpas funeral that when she was younger he tried "touching" her, and that it still haunts her sometimes.  It was s one time thing.  So do I tell the family and risk hurting everyone and making them angry or do I just leave it alone, since my sister said that's how she would prefer it,to be left alone!?!

5.  When I finally start to like someone I will pick them apart!  I always think about what my friends and family would think about them, and if I don't think they will care for them I won't even entertain the idea of me and them no matter how much I like them.  They could treat me like gold but if I think those close to me will wonder "what is she doing with him?" I walk away!  And I hate that about me!

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