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Roving eyes

1. So many people think they know me but they really don't.  I don't even know myself half the time.

2. Today I was involved in a drug deal gone bad and not sure things are going to pan out like they should.  I should have never gotten involved with that person.  It was a last resort kind of deal.  How was I to know that he didn't have a valid driver's license and that he couldn't drive right?

3. I am so tired of a friend of mine's friend.  She has a loud mouth and talks alot of shit for someone that never says anything.  She tells our mutual friend that she is going to whip my ass over various reasons every week.  Wow, she doesn't even know me.  I am confused.

4. I get massive headaches at least 3 times a week.  It's sometimes scary to a point cause it just won't go away.  I never really tell anyone how bad they are cause I have no insurance and can't afford to have it looked at by a doctor.  I wish I did.  I would love to be migraine free.

5. I love my boyfriend with all my heart.  He is the greatest man I have ever dated.  He is so patient and kind.  No matter what situation arises he simply says it will be okay.  I know it will cause he said so.  No one has ever treated me as good as he does.  Yet I still get upset cause he looks at other women.  Wish I didn't let it bother me.  I am getting better at no showing that it bothers me, but it still does.

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  1. Re:migraines
    I suffer frm thm too, u can go to any health or vitamin shop n ur twn n they can help u find natural herbs that really do help...the meds r extreamly expensive but these herbal pills help me a lot :)


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