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* I fingered my  best friend in school. And I still do it just to hear her moan! And ate her out mhmmm just the thought makes me horny all over again.
* I love to lick my friends tits! Mmmm and squeeze the FUCK out of them!
* I love eating pussys! Mmmmm yummy.
* I make my girl friends dress up for me in like sluty costumes. And I make them my personal FUCK slaves! And FUCK them for hours!
* I fucked random girls at like the mall. And made them cum so much its incredible. I love getting fucked in the ass with strap-ons. And I love getting punished like spanking turns me on.
Oh and P.S I'M A GIRL AND I'M 17!!

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  1. * If she were not moaning I don't think you would enjoy doing it so much.
    * Hell if she likes the things you do to her, keep doing them.
    * You just like it rough, nothing wrong with that.
    * So basically you like to send and receive spankings?


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