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Smukke fukke

1. I got a best frinend i call smukke brother. I sucked his dick han we fucked nobody knows but us. I want til seduce him han fuck the shit out of him like hej never had og before but he has a fiance now.. :(

2. I hate when females talk to him han get him. I feel like killing them but i never express it.

3. I love fingering myself han cumming sometimes i dig og the whole day. Once i came 20 times in a row...i coubted em.

4.  I fingered myself in smukke best friends bed han came while he was out with the dog while fantasizing about how good i wanted til fuck him.

5. Sometimes i just wanna say to a dude..hey you lets fuck and just do it. Without bein judged... but smukke pride is in the way.

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  1. this is a bizzare post...i didn't get half of what she was 'til' to and what's og? oh well!!!!


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