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Stinky piano dreamer

1. I wanna have sex with my best friends boyfriend on her piano. Then I'd pee in between the keys just because I liked him first.
2. I went to the grocery store the other day. The cashier offered to take my bags out to the car and I said okay. When we got out there he started making out with me. I let him ass fuck me all night!
3. I love B.G. He's not the handsomest rapper around, but I'd let him fuck me any day.
4. My boyfriend's dick is really big. Whenever we have sex he slaps my ass and calls me a dirty slut. I feel like a nympho when he does it and I love him for that.
5. I really want to fucked my T.I. and B.G.

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  1. I love pussy the thought of it makes me all horny.I'm 14 year old girl from Nashville Tennessee.
    I love to eat pussy out and when they moan its makes me want to do it more
    When me and my best friend fuck its so awsome she hits me on my back with her belt and I leave bite marks on her pussy and thighs.
    I love my best friend but I need some new pussy
    And I NEED NEW PUSSY SO let me if u wanna fuck?


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