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A strong young woman

On Father's Day my biological "Father" kicked my Mother, My little Brother and I from the house ; We went to a BBQ with some Friends of my Mom and everything was fine till we got Home. The door was locked and my Mom was trying to open it, but she couldn't. They were screaming nasty things to each other at almost 3am and I begging my Mom to please stop. After 5 minutes or more of arguing they stopped and my "Father" went to sleep and us 3 were outside and my little Brother was sleeping in the stairs. It broke my heart to see him like that. He's only 10.

I stopped talking to my "Father" since I was 11, now I'm 17. And its funny cuz we don't say a word to each other and we live in the same house. I don't even say "Hi" to him or anything. The only time we talk is when we argue and the only thing that he does is make me feel bad about myself. Telling me I'm ugly, I'm no body, to leave his house cuz he pays rent, that I should get rape when I go outside, to never come back ect..

My Sister had to leave the house when she was 15. She moved away with her Boyfriend. She left cuz she couldn't stand it anymore. The hate that he got toward us is really ugly and bad and I don't even know why ; Now my Sister is 18 and she got a Kid, but at least she's very happy with her Husband and her Baby.

I don't even know how I still calling him "Father" I should call him the Monster cuz that's what he is ; Like 2 weeks ago he got this new brilliant idea to make us starv. When he buys food, he only buy for himself and he keeps everything in his room. You should see the Fridge, its EMPTY. My Mom try in every way to feed us, but its not enough and we don't even get help from the Goverment. She doesn't work, but she's looking for one though.

And you might wonder, why we don't call the Police ? Why we keep doing this to ourselves ? Why can we just leave this House ? Well its because we can't call the Police cuz when he bail his Monster ass out he might try to kill us, and I'm sure he will. Why we don't leave ? Cuz we don't got no where to go and my Mom don't work. Why we keep doing this to ourselves ? Because we're Illegal in this country and we're nothing here but Immigrants.

Bonus: I'm going to see a Councelor tomorrow cuz I can't keep all this to Myself. I need professional help, I know I do. I don't got friends and I don't have a Boyfriend so its very hard for me to not cry every night. I hate this Life ! And its funny cuz this is nothing compared to all the things that I've been through, but I never think about killing Myself or attempt to do it ; Thank you God for everything. I know you're putting through all this so I can be a better Women when I grow up and I know there's a bright future ahead of me, but please take good care of Me and my Family and bless "K" for this wonderful site.


  1. I will pray for you and your family God is awesome it is good that you continue to have faith in him He will bless you soon

  2. Stay strong things will get better and just because you were not born in this country it does not mean you are any less then the people that were. Have faith and don't allow your father to break you all the bad he is doing will one day come back to him. Just know that I will also be praying for you. I wish you the best and I hope your nightmear comes to an end soon!!!

  3. I'm a boy of your age. I am from an affluent family and my parents take good care of me. The irony is that even though i have everything i am not happy with my life. I get disturbed and broken by small problems. I'm surprised to know that there are people who have so much of patience and endure so much. Remember that God will reward you for your patience, faith and contentment. Those who think they have will be given more and those who complain they don't have will lose even what little they have.

  4. You are awsome and very strong and I'm glad you know GOD has very special plans for such a special person!! You are stronger than girls in there 30's! Stay strong and keep your head up! God bless you!

  5. God bless you and your family I am american and I promise you we are the same people neither of us is better than the other!We are the same in Gods eyes we are sistershang in there sis God is good I'll keep praying for you and your family you are berry strong


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