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Sweet feet

1. I love the summer when women wear flip-flops and sandals exposing their gorgeous feet. I wish women would expose their feet more often as they really are, in most cases, objects of sheer beauty.

2. Words cannot express how disappointed I feel by the fact that an incredibly attractive co-worker of mine has recently started buying odour eaters for her shoes. She often sits in the staff canteen on her breaks with her shoes off and I like to sit by her whilst secretly smelling her foot odour. Since she started buying odour eaters there has been no detectable smell. I hate odour eaters, I wish they were never invented.

3. My porn collection consists entirely of shoe catalogues. I've found that I can only get aroused by the sight of female feet. I also like to watch the shopping channels when they are selling female footwear. Mind you, I've never been able to watch a whole show without climaxing.

4. I have been seiously considering to offer to buy some of my female friends used socks. I'm in two minds as I don't know what kind of reaction I'd get. They would probably call me a freak and end our friendship which would be horrible. But I'm sure at least one of them would let me buy her socks for which I would pay a lot of money. If only I could find the courage.

5. If people knew about my foot fetish I'm sure that they would say I'm a freak and need help, but the truth is that I enjoy having a foot fetish. It might not be very socially acceptable, but what harm am I doing to anyone? I live in the hope that I can find a partner who will allow me to indulge in foot worship. If I could find such a person, I would be incredibly loyal to her as she would be allowing me to be complete. I would love her and love her feet.

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